You Should Totally Check Out This Insta-Worthy CNY Bazaar This Month!

You Should Totally Check Out This Insta-Worthy CNY Bazaar This Month!

The country’s biggest CNY Grand Bazaar is happening from 13 to 31 January at Carpark B, Stadium Bukit Jalil in Kuala Lumpur! Not only can you feast on food, shop for gifts, and watch performances; you also stand to win up to TWO MILLION BIG Points!

That is not all. This bazaar also has the most Instagram-worthy spots you’ll ever see this season. Here’s a little sneak peek on what you can expect at the bazaar. Bonus feature: We’ve also included a pick-up line for each photo for your reading pleasure.

“All these lanterns but you’re the only light that I need.”
“All these tanglungs but you still shine the brightest.”
“All these colour-blind tests but I’m only blinded by your love.”
“All these falling sakuras but I’ll only fall for you.”
“All these sweet-scented flowers but I still find you the sweetest.”
“All these ang-pows can’t buy my heart away from you.”
“All these paintings but you’re still the perfect work of art.”
“All these hand fans but I’m still your biggest fan.”
“All these lions but you’re the only one that can bite my limau.”

The CNY Grand Bazaar opens from 6pm to 11pm on weekdays and from 11am to 11pm on weekends with no entrance fees.

This event is Powered by AirAsia BIG. Go visit their cafe-themed booth at the event and take photos with fun props! You can also enter the #BIGCNYMoments Insta photo contest to win 5,000 BIG Points daily, enjoy free T&Co coffee and snacks, redeem cash vouchers with BIG Points to spend at the bazaar and more!

So what are you waiting for? Tell your friends, tell your mother; tell the cops, let’s all come together!

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