Why This Resort in Vietnam is Perfect to Take Your Spouse and Kids

Why This Resort in Vietnam is Perfect to Take Your Spouse and Kids

When it comes to islands and beaches, Southeast Asia has its game pretty strong. Holiday-goers are simply spoilt for choice. There are islands to suit every type of traveller — from smaller islands like Thailand’s Koh Phi Phi or Malaysia’s Perhentian Kecil, to the bigger and more developed islands such as Indonesia’s Bali.

Enter Phu Quoc, the new kid on the block, courtesy of Vietnam. If the name has slipped your holiday destinations radar, it’s because the island is newly developed. The good news is, AirAsia now has daily direct flights from Kuala Lumpur to Phu Quoc. And better news is, the flight time is only one and a half hours! Which makes it a perfect destination for a fuss-free beach holiday, especially if you’re travelling with kids.

So… where exactly is Phu Quoc? Located on the edge of Vietnam’s southwest region, the island is also close to Cambodia’s southern shores. In terms of land size, it is approximately the same as Singapore, with a lot of good resorts lining up the beaches. One of the most popular is the Vinpearl group of hotels, which offers not one but five options to suit all kinds of travellers’ needs.

Here are the top reasons why Vinpearl is a good option for your Phu Quoc holiday:

Not one, not two, but FIVE resort options in one place

Already a major player in the Vietnam tourism industry with hotels and resorts across the country, the Vinpearl complex in Phu Quoc is HUGE. That’s because you get to pick from a variety of hotels including the Vinpearl Resort & Golf, Vinpearl Resort & Spa, VinOasis, as well as Vinpearl Discovery 1 and Vinpearl Discovery 1, 2 and 3. All resorts have a charm and vibe of their own. They are also connected via an efficient buggy service, so you’d be able to enjoy all the facilities on offer no matter which resort you pick.

I had the opportunity to experience the Vinpearl Resort & Golf, which was simply perfect for someone who appreciated the sound of crashing waves amid the comfort of well-furnished hotel room. My Deluxe Ocean View room exuded a fresh, cosy and classy vibe. Decorated in a neoclassical style, it came complete with a King-sized bed anchored by a button tufted headboard and furnished with fluffy pillows and white bedding. Just perfect.

Image: Irvin Hanni

Since my cats were not invited on this trip, I made full use of the huge bed space by laying out the in-room dining menu in full spread (to escape reality and dream about food) and my laptop to check on work emails (to pause eating and check back into reality).

One of the things I loved here was the casual robe supplied in each room. Unlike the standard white robe in towel material, this robe was made of cotton. Cosy enough to wear while lounging in the room, and chic enough to be worn when going out for a dip in the pool or relaxing by the beach.

Check out the bottom part of this article for the other resort options.

Endless stretch of beautiful golden sands

The most important aspect of an island holiday is of course, the beach. And this is where Vinpearl wins. The property boasts more than 3 kilometres of golden sun-kissed beaches – enough distance for you to enjoy long romantic walks or go for some quiet soul-searching after you’ve deposited your children at the Kids’ Club.

The star attraction of the beach here is the phenomenal sunset views, which you can (and should!) enjoy every day. But it is also good to be enjoyed at any time of the day. Hotel guests can partake in a range of activities such as kayaking, snorkelling and beach volleyball, or simply relax on one of the many cabanas and beach lounges strewn all along the stretch.

Fun activities for the kids

Holidays are supposed to be fun, and there is plenty of stuff to make kids happy here. There are free activities such as origami and painting lessons and animation movie screenings happening every day, you just need to check the timetable. Each resort in Vinpearl also has their own dedicated Kids’ Club, equipped with delightful games and educational stuff to do.

There are flamingo and unicorn inflatables that guests can borrow for a splashing fun time at the pools. Not only will the kids absolutely love these, adults will too. Just the perfect accessory for your Instagram post! Also located within the complex is the Seaside Water Park, where you can go down the giant slides, and swoosh through a man-made river on an inflatable boat.

While here, don’t miss out on the Vinpearl Land amusement park. This Vietnamese Disneyland may not have Mickey Mouse but it’s still plenty of excitement! Expect the usual theme park rides like roller coasters, merry-go-rounds, bumper cars and ferris wheels. There is also another water park within the premise, so it’s very easy to spend a few hours getting lost in the revelry of fun here.

If you want to take your kids to a zoo, make it Vinpearl Safari. The grounds are massive and well-maintained, and the animals look healthy and beautiful. There’s plenty to see and learn here, including a petting zoo for kids, a section for primates, as well as the regular zoo section. But the best part here is the safari. The safari section is massive, divided into different areas for tigers, lions, bears as well as other animals like zebras, giraffes, rhinoceroses. Here, the animals roam freely while humans are transported by bus through the place. And it’s much more enjoyable this way!

Image: Chew Win Win

Parents need some pampering too   

Now that the kids are happy, it’s reward time for the parents. There’s simply no better way to refresh and rejuvenate than a session at Akoya Spa. Even before treatment starts, you would have already gotten a feeling of zen upon entering the spa premises. All treatments are done inside cosy little nooks that are elevated above the pond, giving a sense of tranquillity even before the pampering starts.

The spa is operated by Bali-based Mandara Spa, one of the most well-known names in the world of spa and wellness. Have your pick from the impressive spa menu such as the relaxing Balinese massage, the invigorating Vietnamese massage, or their signature Four Hand Massage, where two therapists perform synchronised massages by combining styles of Shiatsu, Thai, Hawaiian, Balinese and Swedish. You’re going to forget about all your worries, for sure!

Another scientifically proven way to de-stress is Golf. Not only is it fun to visualise your least favourite co-worker on the golf ball as you swing the putt, there are plenty of health benefits as well. The Vinpearl Golf Phu Quoc is a well-designed space with three nine-hole courses. Its excellent location at the forested foot of a hill range and view of the ocean make it one of the best places for golfing in Vietnam.

Looking for more activities to indulge in? Head over to the Corona Casino if you’re feeling lucky.

Resort options to suit every family’s needs


Adorned in a Victorian style decor with a chic twist, Vinpearl Resort & Golf offers plenty of space and was equipped with necessities including a large Smart TV, a minibar with coffee/tea amenities, a working desk.

Deluxe Sea View room at Vinpearl Resort & Golf. Image: Vinpearl

Pool area at Vinpearl Resort & Golf. Image: Vinpearl


Those looking for a classic beach holiday can look no further than Vinpearl Resort & Spa. Featuring a modern contemporary decor with lots of wood and earth tones, the rooms are spacious and equipped with a flat-screen TV, bathtub, as well as a balcony for you to soak in the soothing sea breeze whilst enjoying a cup of coffee.

Deluxe Sea View room at Vinpearl Resort & Spa. Image: Vinpearl
Hotel grounds of Vinpearl Resort & Spa. Image: Vinpearl


Looking for some nice relaxing time with your family or a group of friends? Vinpearl Discovery has the answer! The bungalows that dot the area come in a range of options – from one to four rooms. Each villa has its own private pool, plus a posh living area, a dining space, as well as a large kitchen.

Front entrance of a 1-bedroom villa at Vinpearl Discovery 2. Image: Vinpearl
Living area of a 3-bedroom villa at Vinpearl Discovery 2. Image: Vinpearl


If your travelling party consists of different people with different priorities, then VinOasis might be the best choice as it the most comprehensive complex amongst all the resorts here. Not only is the Vinpearl Seaside Water Park located within the premises, there’s also a theatre, casino, convention centre, street mall, plus a myriad of dining establishments for you to choose from!

Suite room at VinOasis. Image: Irvin Hanni
View of the waterpark inside VinOasis. Image: Irvin Hanni

Ready for your next island holiday? Grab low flight fares and the best travel deals in Phu Quoc via AirAsia.com today!

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