Where in the World is Changsha? Watch this!

Where in the World is Changsha? Watch this!

Even if you’ve never heard of Changsha before, you probably know one of the attractions accessible from this city in China’s Hunan province. Remember the otherworldly Hallelujah Mountains in the James Cameron film Avatar? They were inspired by the pillars at Wulingyuan Scenic Area in Zhangjiajie, a 4.5-hour ride by bus or train away from Changsha, the provincial capital.

Wulingyuan is not the only remarkable place for sightseeing in Hunan. The glass walkway, cable car and the snake-like roads of Tianmen Mountain make for an impressive day trip from Zhangjiajie.

Also in Hunan, the picturesque Fenghuang, also known as Phoenix Ancient City, draws visitors for its well-preserved centuries-old dwellings and unusual bridges.

Changsha itself is closely associated with Mao Zedong, who once lived here. Want to see more? Watch the Changsha episode of The Journey: China series below.

See more of this vast country in The Journey: China on AirAsia’s YouTube channel.

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