travel 3Sixty° Recommends the Best Burgers!

travel 3Sixty° Recommends the Best Burgers!

If you love burgers as much as we do, then you’ll definitely want to take note of our favourite places to get your patty fix.

myBurgerLab, various locations

travel 3Sixty° Recommends the Best Burgers!
The Ultraman

myBurgerLab successfully took 2015’s local food phenomenon (salted egg yolk anything) and created The Ultraman. What you’ll find between myBurgerLab’s signature soft charcoal bun is a chunk of chicken thigh coated in salted egg yolk batter and deep-fried to perfection, combined with lettuce, tomato, and a generous glob of in house-made salted egg yolk buttermilk sauce laced with chili padi and curry leaf. This delicious mess goes for RM18.80 ala carte, and for RM7.50 extra you get fries on the side and bottomless soft drink. myBurgerLab currently has four outlets including one in PJ, Sunway, and Cyberjaya each. But my favourite joint would be their Taman OUG branch as it is easier to find parking and not as crowded. –Irvin Hanni

Burger Bakar Abang Burn, various locations

travel 3Sixty° Recommends the Best Burgers!
Burger Ayam Semua Topping

“Satu Burger Ayam Semua Topping” was the order I made at Burger Bakar Abang Burn. Semua Topping meant my burger would have the whole shebang including beef strips, turkey slice, supremo (which I assume is some mashup of cheesy sauce and French fries) and cheese. What arrived at my table was this monster of a burger which I thought was a good bargain considering it cost only RM12.90. Appropriately gooey with the melted cheese, tender chicken patty grilled to perfection and the extra toppings made this burger a full meal (possibly for two if both of you are light eaters). Was it a mouthful? Certainly! Would I attempt it again? Definitely! –Danny Lau

Built Custom Burger, Nu Sentral

travel 3Sixty° Recommends the Best Burgers!
Custom Beef Burger on Greens

Built Custom Burgers at Nu Sentral is the chain’s fifth branch and the first outside the United States. The fast casual brother of the custom burger behemoth The Counter, Built offers enough customisation options to satisfy the average Joe: choices of proteins, cheeses, garnishes and sauces. The beef patty is average but the fresh add-ons make it a healthier alternative to your usual burger. Think lip-smacking Jalapeno Jack cheese, garlic aioli sauce and organic greens in a bowl instead of your usual bun. Just be mindful with the paid-for extras such as sauteed mushrooms and breakfast burger, or sides like shoestring fries as they can rack up your bill real fast. From where we stand, it’s cool to find a decent burger joint that doubles as an even better alternative salad place. –Abby Yao

Fat Boy’s Burger Bar, various locations

travel 3Sixty° Recommends the Best Burgers!
Jamaican Me Hungry

Fat Boy’s The Burger Bar is the best place for burgers after a shopping spree or a night out with friends. Out of the 14 specialty burgers they serve, my ultimate favorite is the Jamaican Me Hungry, which is one of their best sellers. Between the fresh sesame buns with a light dressing of mayonnaise, you will find a slice of pork patty, coleslaw and bacon. The jerk-seasoned pork patty is juicy and tender, and to my surprise, the sundried tomatoes hiding between the layers added an extra dose of sweet and sour to the plate, leaving the ketchup and other seasonings on the table untouched. Each meal comes with fries on the side which can be replaced with salad or mashed potatoes upon request. –Piper Loo

KGB – Killer Gourmet Burgers, various locations

travel 3Sixty° Recommends the Best Burgers!
Truffle’d Swiss

Prepare to sink your teeth into Truffle’d Swiss, a delicious delight for those who love the classic ‘mushroom swiss’ combination of meat, cheese, and mushrooms. Wrapped in KGB‘s signature buns tattooed with their logo are layers of grilled 100% Australian Grass Fed beef patty, sautéed Portobello mushrooms, Swiss cheese, and herbed ranch. Adding flavour to the divine mix is truffle oil, which blended so well with the cheese, I even dripped the spillover liquid from the burger’s paper wrapper back onto the patty. The ala carte costs RM 21.90, and for RM6.30 extra you get a set meal which included a soft drink or mineral water, as well as a choice of regular, Cajun, or sweet potato fries. –Irvin Hanni

Burger Kaw Kaw, various locations

travel 3Sixty° Recommends the Best Burgers!
The Baconizer

The Baconizer‘s patty at Burger Bakar Kaw Kaw is thick and juicy, and they go light with the seasoning which is really good, seeing that some other stalls are really overdoing it. The vegetables are fresh and the buns are fluffy. Basically, Burger Kaw Kaw do burger right. The stall is open from 6pm to 2am, so you have the option to avoid dinner time and come at a later time when there’s a smaller crowd. But then again, it is at dinner time that they have live music, and listening to a live band while eating yummy burgers on a street side stall is something that everyone should experience. –Ari Fajar

And for dessert…Ice Cream Burgers!, Mike’s Cafe, Subang Jaya

travel 3Sixty° Recommends the Best Burgers!
Ice Cream Burgers

Ice cream burgers at Big Mike Cafe! This is a reinvention on a classic with a sweet twist to it. For RM10.50, you get a choice of four flavoured buns (coffee, caramel, strawberry, pandan or tangerine) filled with vanilla ice cream. The buns are served warm so best to eat them quickly but I found the combination of the cool ice cream and warm bun rather pleasing to the palate. The crunchy cereal flakes replace the sesame on the buns and the chocolate cookie base balance out the sweet vanilla ice cream. Share it with your friends or eat it alone, either way you will enjoy these ice cream burgers! –Danny Lau

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