This Is A BIG Deal: 10% Off Your 911 Concert Tickets

This Is A BIG Deal: 10% Off Your 911 Concert Tickets

Have you booked your tickets to the upcoming 911 – The Reunion 2019: Kuala Lumpur on 22 June yet? If not, this is probably one of the rarer chances that we get to convince you because … here are our points of argument:

  1. Evidently, it’s going to be The Day We Find Love, to get our Bodyshakin’ and possibly, make it a Night To Remember! After a 20-year break, the band is ready to stun and dazzle like they did in the 90s (you remember those good old days bopping and dancing to their music on cassette players, don’t you?) so, in their own words, “Don’t Make Me Wait!” After all, the last time they performed in Malaysia was such a long time ago!
  2. Ah, to look upon the ever-so-youthful Lee Brennan, Jimmy Constable and Spike Dawbarne in person instead of on posters pasted on our room walls!
  3. Remember the time when they were one of the most successful English bands, and their The Journey album topped the Recording Industry Association of Malaysia Charts, where it reached 12x Platinum status?
  4. You get to relive your childhood/teenagehood days with these idols!
  5. There is a 10% discount for BIG Members who purchase tickets via The Promo Code is: BIG911.

So now that’s out of the way, you might just say, “But I’m not a BIG Member!” Oh, not to worry, just sign up here, and you’re all set! Once you’re done, get your tickets here.

Here, have one last look to help you make that decision:

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