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A Date with Turtles at Tanjong Jara

A friend, upon finding out that I was heading to Terengganu for turtles again, laughed hysterically for reasons that escaped me. I get it. Not everyone is as enthusiastic about animals. My friend didn’t know what he was missing out though, as I thought about it a few…

Turtle Tales in Lang Tengah

Volunteering work at one of the most pristine islands in Malaysia? Sign me up, please! Fuelled by this fascination and love for these magnificent beings, I acquired a heavy tan due to the inability to pry myself away from the superfine beaches, chucked my phone away thanks to the…

Your Ultimate Lang Tengah Island Travel Guide

You might want to bookmark this article for your next beach holiday plans, as the beautiful Lang Tengah Island beckons your visit! For most people, the combination of pristine golden sands, turquoise blue waters, and swaying palm trees is a no-brainer recipe for paradise. If you are most people,…

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