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6 Insta-Worthy Libraries for Your Next #POTD

Let’s face it, books are becoming obsolete. Us book nerds quietly weep with every e-book purchased on Kindle and when book stores tell us that they’ve stopped stocking up on our favourite author. We used to be able to find solace in the dark, musty corners of libraries,…

8 World Destinations to Travel With BIG Points

Start collecting BIG Points and plan your trips ahead! Let us inspire you with eight amazing destinations waiting to be explored. 1. Taipei The National Concert Hall Image: AirAsia The capital city of Taiwan will not disappoint. Head to the Taipei 101 for breathtaking views of the city…


马上就是圣诞节了,你准备好去哪里度过这个大人小孩都喜欢的佳节了吗?小编盘点了一些全球最有圣诞气息的城市,来看看你都去过了哪些? 芬兰罗瓦涅米 View this post on Instagram A post shared by Carme (@carme_dm) on Mar 12, 2018 at 12:08pm PDT 芬兰的罗瓦涅米是圣诞老人的故乡,这里肯定是最有圣诞气氛的地方啊!不用在晚上等圣诞老人爬下烟囱来,现在你就可以去他家拜访他。这里靠近北极,也是芬兰最繁忙的旅游目的地之一,尤其是大雪纷飞的季节。除了圣诞老人,这里还有可爱温驯的麋鹿陪伴你度过最梦幻的圣诞节。 德国纽伦堡 View this post on Instagram A post shared by HAPPY In The World (@happy.intheworld) on Dec 13, 2018 at 7:53am PST 纽伦堡是德国一座有着950年历史的古老城市,在德国人心目中她是最有圣诞气氛的城市,因为这里有一个叫纽伦堡圣婴市场。纽伦堡圣婴市场最早从16世纪中期开始营业,至今可以说是世界上最古老的圣诞市集了。圣诞节还没到,这里已经热闹非凡,到处都是色彩缤纷的灯饰,寒冷的空气中夹杂着姜饼、香肠和红酒的气味。 香港海港城 View this post…

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