Japan | Travel360.com - Part 8


10 Halal Food Establishments in Japan

With more than a million Muslim tourists visiting Japan annually, restaurants have increasingly stepped up to offer local fare that is both delicious and halal. Yet, given the deep roots that pork and alcohol have in traditional Japanese cuisine, such restaurants aren’t plenty to come by. If you…

Soul Magic

Words: Stuart Danker Photography: Affandi Abd Hamid (FND) I was among the few hundred people packed into the Lake Akan Ainu Theatre Ikor on a chilly autumn night. The Iomante Fire Festival was reaching its climax, and despite the cold weather, I was perspiring under the spotlights. But…

Becoming a Hamakko

Words: Ellyse Ng Photography: Ariff Shah Sopian Wa kei sei jaku – harmony, respect, purity, tranquility. Those are the main principles that guide the ‘Way of Tea’, which is, at its simplest, the ceremonial preparation and presentation of tea. I didn’t dare move as I watched the tea…

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