culture | - Part 4


Sacred Ink

The longhouse was enveloped in darkness. The howls of a dog pierced the still of the night and sent a shiver down my spine. Seated cross-legged on a mat, I listened with rapt attention to the tuai rumah (headman) as he recounted tales of courage and daring –…

Becoming a Hamakko

Words: Ellyse Ng Photography: Ariff Shah Sopian Wa kei sei jaku – harmony, respect, purity, tranquility. Those are the main principles that guide the ‘Way of Tea’, which is, at its simplest, the ceremonial preparation and presentation of tea. I didn’t dare move as I watched the tea…

Sanctuary of Silversmiths

Photography: Adam Lee My journey to the heritage enclave of Kotagede was less than a half-hour drive from Yogyakarta’s city centre, and that too despite Saturday morning traffic. The wide streets of the city centre merged with country roads that transformed into even narrower lanes as I approached my destination. Despite my proximity to the commercial…

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