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Amazing Hot Air Balloon Rides around Asia-Pacific

Get an awesome 360-degree view from one of these hot air balloon rides around Asia and Australia! 1. Bagan, Myanmar Traversing Myanmar’s ancient city of Bagan is like travelling back to the ancient times. More than 2,000 temples and pagodas, some of which date back to the 11th…

Biking Through the Ages

Words: Stuart Danker Photography: Affandi Abd Hamid (FND) I stood before the touring bike that would be my mode of transport for the next three days. The other cyclists were equipped with athletic sunglasses, hydration packs, cycling shoes and GPS devices. I was the only one dressed in…

7 Romantic Valentine’s Day Vacation Ideas

Let’s check out some awesome ideas to celebrate romance around Asia and Australia, especially compiled for travelling lovebirds. 1. Winter Sonata in Nami Island, South Korea ©John Chang To those who are not familiar with Winter Sonata, it’s THE drama series that catapulted Korean pop culture to worldwide…

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