7 Fun Staycation Experience Ideas in Kuala Lumpur for Everyone

Tired of Visiting Malls? Here Are 7 Activities You Can Do Instead

You’re feeling that travel itch and a long weekend is just on the horizon, but the thought of going through all the hassle (forking out cash, packing, driving, braving traffic jams, queuing, going through security) puts you off. You simply can’t be bothered, especially if it’s just going to be a short vacation. 

But hey, that doesn’t mean you have to torment yourself with an unfulfilled wanderlust. There’s plenty to explore right here in Kuala Lumpur! Here are some staycation activities worth doing in your own backyard:

1. Have a Picnic in the Park

Image: AirAsia/Chew Win Win

Many KL-ites don’t realise this, but Kuala Lumpur is actually a pretty green city, especially when you compare it to some of the other capital cities in the Southeast Asian region. One of the things that we’re blessed with in this city is the well-maintained parks where you can run, exercise, or just relax and have a picnic. Kids (and kids at heart) will have all the space to run around.

We love Perdana Botanical Gardens (formerly known as Perdana Lake Gardens) for its easy access via the Muzium Negara MRT station, but there’s also the Taman Jaya Park near the Taman Jaya LRT station, and if you don’t mind travelling for a bit, Kepong Metropolitan Park and Taman Botani Putrajaya make great picnic spots as well.

2. Do Acts of Kindness Together

Image: AirAsia/Renuka Kunathevan

You know how you always say that you’re busy whenever someone asks you to support a good cause? Well, time to make good on your words now that you have the time. One thing to consider about an act of kindness that it’s actually good for your own wellbeing. If you’re a parent, this is a great way to teach your kids about empathy. And there are so many ways to do charity works!

Remember the soup kitchen ban back in 2014? Well, they are still around but now everything is better organised. Reach out to soup kitchens like PERTIWI, Need to Feed the Need or Kechara and see how you can help. If you’re an animal lover, check out PAWS Animal Welfare Society and SCPA Selangor. Have a knack for teaching? Consider joining SUKA Society or Yayasan Generasi Gemilang.

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3. Visit the Museums

Image: AirAsia/Chew Win Win

When was the last time you visited a museum? If the only time you’ve been inside a Malaysian museum was during a compulsory visit in your primary school years, then it’s high time for another visit. The usual suspects like the National Museum of Malaysia and the National Textiles Museum are evergreens, but there are other interesting museums to check out.

There’s the National Automobile Museum in Sepang with its excellent collection of cars, the National Palace Royal Museum with its luxurious amenities as the former residence of the royal family, and perhaps the best curated museum in Malaysia, the Islamic Arts Museum Malaysia with its vast collection from all around the Islamic world. Our favourite is the Bank Negara Museum and Art Gallery, a modern and eye-opening gallery (we especially love its numismatic collection), and admission is absolutely free!

4. Play a Game or Two

Have you heard? Games are not just for geeks anymore. Take board games, for example. No, we’re not talking about Monopoly, we’re talking about the new generation of board games that are cheeky and hilarious and cater mostly to college kids and young adults. Beware, as these games will put your friendship to the test! There are several board game cafes for you to choose from, such as Upper Room Boardgame Cafe and Meeples.

If you prefer to exercise both your brain and body at the same time, why not go for an escape game instead? Assemble your team and head to Escape Room, Breakout or maybe LOST in KL. There’s also Hauntu, which brands itself as an immersive theatrical horror and haunted house experience.

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5. Cook and Bake Together

Whether you’re a master chef in the making or an instant noodle aficionado, cooking classes are always a hoot. It’s a great feeling when you make something from scratch, and that satisfying feeling of eating the food you make yourself tops dining at any Michelin-starred restaurant. Hone your culinary skills at places like ABC Cooking Studio or ILOHA Culture Centre Cooking & Language Studio.

Aside from cooking, baking is also something that is guaranteed to be a hit with everyone. This activity is especially good with kids, as your young ones will love making and decorating their own baked goods. Courses like the ones offered by My Weekend Plan and The Dough & Batter are great for beginners.

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6. Pick up a New Sport

We all know that we need to get out from behind our desks if we want to shake off the sedentary effects of office work, but picking up a new sport is difficult when you’re tied to your office responsibilities. But how about a taster class this long weekend?

If you always wanted to know how to catch a wave, opt for a short half-hour session at FlowRider, an indoor surf centre with artificial wave and real trained instructors. Planning to go on a ski trip to Japan or Australia? Learning how to ski at First Traxx in PJ provides a more affordable option with its treadmill-like machine that simulates a skiing slope.

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7. Go to a Theme Park

What better way to spend a day than enjoying all the rides at a theme park? Whether you’re going with a group of friends or with your kids in tow, theme parks is always a good idea. If you want something centrally located, it has to be Berjaya Times Square Theme Park, Malaysia’s largest indoor theme park. But if you’re okay with driving out, then there’s also Sunway Lagoon Theme Park, i-City Shah Alam as well as Resorts World Genting.

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