18 Stunning Photos Around Perth and Its Nature

18 Stunning Photos Around Perth and Its Nature

Australia, the land down under where cherrypicking isn’t a bad trait and can earn you money. Also Australia, the land down under where every exotic animal could potentially send you 6-foot under (just kidding, it’s not that scary).

Indeed, nature and wildlife is Australia’s most famous attraction, and Perth is no different. If you’re planning to stop by this city any time soon, be inspired by these fantastic photos!

1. Take a selfie with a quokka

Quokka is the happiest little fluff ball that has ever graced mother nature. Just take a look at the photos below and tell us you didn’t fall in love. You can find them in Rottnest Island, which means “Rat’s Nest Island” because some Dutchman mistook the quokkas for giant rats.

Happy quokkas on Rottnest Island
Source: Tiomax80/Flickr
Smiling quokkas on Rottnest Island
Source: Unsplash
Quokka selfie on Rottnest Island, Perth
Source: Wikimedia

2. Swim, snorkel and dive around Rottnest Island

Quokka is just one of the many attractions in Rottnest Island that they have to offer. Other than that, you must not miss their 63 beaches with shades as blue as a White Walker’s eye. Perfect places to ogle at attractive… whales and coral reefs.

Stunning view from Rottnest Island
Source: Wikimedia
Rottnest Island beaches in Perth
Source: Wikimedia.
Rottnest Island bay in Western Australia
Source: Unsplash

3. Walk around The Pinnacles desert

The Pinnacles is a deserted area that housed thousands of weathered limestones pillars, some standing as high as five meters. The sand base of the area makes it looks like the backdrop of a Mad Max movie, although it is advisable not to race your V6 around the pillars for driving practice.

Pinnacles Desert stunning view at night
Source: Pexels
The Pinnacles desert an Namboung National Park, Western Australia
Source: Wikimedia
The Pinnacles with blue sky in Perth
Source: Mark Ireland/Flickr

4. Get cultured at Swan Valley wineries

If you’re a wine connoisseur who can sip on a glass and tell which breed, vintage, and the crate box it came in, then you’re going to love Swan Valley and it’s 40 wineries. If you’re less enthusiastic about alcohol, you can still cycle alongside Swan Valley natural attractions while learning about their history and characters.

Swan Valley Wineries in Perth, Western Australia
Source: Wikimedia
Swan Valley view from above
Source: Wikimedia

5. View The Pink Lake from up above

Pink Lake aerial view, Western Australia
Source: Wikimedia
Pink Hutt Lake in Perth, Western Australia
Source: muelo-media/flickr

Lake Hillier is stunning just for the fact that its colour is bright pink like some celestial being dropped a huge bath bomb in it. Another pink lake that is equally as impressive can be found around Perth is Hutt Lagoon. While you can visit both lakes on the ground, they are best viewed from the air, and you’ll find various flight services to take you there.

6. Stroll around the flowers in Kings Park

Kings Park is one of the largest inner city parks in the world, located right at the centre of Perth where you can enjoy the view of Swan Rivers, Canning Rivers, and the City Skyline. You can visit The Botanic Garden which houses over 3,000 species of unique flora and recreates the iconic scene from The Sound of Music.

Kings Park Botanic Garden in Perth
Source: Wikimedia
Flowers in Kings Park, Western Australia
Source: Pexels
Perth city centre view from Kings Park
Source: Pixabay

7. Get up close with the Australian penguins

You don’t have to go all the way to the Arctic to witness with this adorable creature. Penguin Island in Perth has the smallest penguins, and also home to wild dolphins and sea lions. You can even swim, dive, and snorkel in its surrounding white sandy beaches.

Little Penguin Western Australia
Source: iStock
Penguin Island in Perth, Western Australia
Source: Wikimedia

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