Stand a Chance To Watch Ella, Hujan, Faizal Tahir and More (and Win Up To Two Million AirAsia BIG Points!)

Stand a Chance To Watch Ella, Hujan, Faizal Tahir and More (and Win Up To Two Million AirAsia BIG Points!)

Minggu Muzik Malaysia (MMM), a week-long celebration of original Malaysian music happening from 9 to 15 September, will provide a platform to connect people, brands and businesses together through mutual support for local music.

Launched by YB Fong Kui Lun, Bukit Bintang Member of Parliament, the launch event was witnessed by supporting Malaysian brands and partners, namely AirAsia BIG and

While concert tickets are available for purchase, it is encouraged that fans buy products from MMM’s partners, as top spenders will be rewarded with concert tickets, two million AirAsia BIG Points and other exciting prizes. This aligns with MMM’s aim to help partnering brands boost collective sales by RM50 million.

“The local music industry is very challenging for artists to gain recognition because there are limited platforms in the country that help connect Malaysians with these artistes. We wanted to create a sustainable platform to connect people and businesses where all individuals can benefit from this,” said Sylvester Fan, MMM founder.

From left:  Sylvester Fan, Founder of MMM, YB Fong Kui Lun, MP of Bukit Bintang and Lim Ee Huang, Managing Director of DoReMi.

After the launch, a series of online and offline activities will be held, leading up to the finale concert in Bukit Bintang. One such activity will be the exciting Battle Of Talents, where musicians can perform any song in any genre to showcase their talent. Offline activities include partnerships with AirAsia BIG for an unforgettable music experience.

Its finale concert, the most-anticipated event of all, will feature prominent Malaysian artistes such as Faizal Tahir, Hujan, Ella, Rabbit Mac, Fuying & Sam, Priscilla Abby and Dennis Lau.

Some of the artistes who will be performing at the concert finale in September.

Stay tuned for more info on events and programmes leading up to MMM 2019, collaborations and concerts!

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