Make Your Summer Hikes a Breeze with These Essentials

Make Your Summer Hikes a Breeze with These Essentials

Before you hit the trail and embark on your hiking adventure, ask yourself this question: do I have my necessities packed and ready for a hassle-free hike? Aside from your water and navigation tools, a bag that’s filled with the right essentials will guarantee a summer of happy hikes. Get started and pack smart with our must-have recommendations.

Sun protection: Hiking in the great outdoors means spending long hours under the sun. But that doesn’t mean you need to compromise your skincare in exchange for an invigorating experience. Make sure you slap on sunscreen to keep your skin protected from radicals before venturing out and keep a tube in your backpack at all times for reapplication.

Aloe Mist: Skin irritation can occur due to the heat, dust, or pollen. An aloe-infused mist can be a skin-saver in such occasions.

Watch/Fitness tracker: Make sure you have a device to keep track of time, speed and distance to make sure that you’re not falling behind your usual timing. While you’re at it, why not also keep your fitness in check by strapping on an activity and heart rate tracker? This will help you monitor your progress and your limits when it comes to your hiking pace.

Extra clothing: The weather can get erratic on hot summer days. It can be sunny one moment and stormy the next. So ensure you have extra clothing that’s lightweight and breathable with you for a change of clothes when the situation calls for it.

Chocolates: Surprised that this is on the list? You shouldn’t be! Chocolates have the right ingredients for an instant pick-me-up when you’re in the need for a boost of energy. The sugar helps to pump in the carbohydrates to keep your strength – and happiness, for that matter – intact, making you feel less tired as you continue on your trail.

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