Make Responsible Travel Your New Year's Resolution

Make Responsible Travel Your New Year’s Resolution

Palawan: Behind The World’s Best Island

Spectacular Palawan hasn’t been named “World’s Best Island” for nothing. Its limestone islets, caves and lagoons live up to the title. But there’s more. Watch as conservation advocate Ann Dumaliang, sustainable living advocate Jen Rachel Horn and heritage officer Enrico Cabiguen ponder on meaningful travel and what it means for community development.

#HowIFly Palawan

More than the view, it is the people and their stories that make a place beautiful – from their history to their day-to-day practices; their most mundane experiences and most peculiar folklore; their firmest beliefs and colorful culture – all of these make a place their home and to us, a destination. In this third video of our #HowIFly series, we’ll introduce to you the people that made Palawan one of the world’s best islands and how we, as travelers, affect their lives; that there are certain issues that they are facing as a community which were caused by our actions during our temporary stay as visitors. AirAsia believes that while we have lots of gems here in our country, we sometimes neglect that the truest treasures behind these places are the people that preserves it and makes it alive. Through our #HowIFly campaign, we intend to promote that there are responsible ways on how to get to know its people, respect their practices and support their livelihood. ‘Share’ this to start sharing the stories of our wonderful destinations! #AirAsiaPH #AirAsiainPalawanSpecial thanks to Patrick Martin for this adventure film and to Palawan Tourism Council & Sibaltan Cultural Heritage Council for its support.

Posted by AirAsia on Friday, November 4, 2016

Davao: Beyond Its Majestic Highlands

Mt Apo, Philippines’ highest peak, is the pride of Davao. However, its ecosystem is fragile, evidenced by the effects of the recent wildfire. Join tourism officer Julius Paner, mountain porter Arturo Ading, and influencers Nella Lomotan and Javi Cang as they talk about the importance of nature conservation and its role in tourism.

#HowIFly Davao

The mountains are not just there for us to conquer. It is a home for different forms of life before it gained traction from tourists and mountaineers. Alongside this bigger interest on these land forms should be bigger appreciation, understanding and concern for it and its inhabitants – rather than causing distractions and destruction. In this second part of our #HowIFly series, we will take you beyond the country’s majestic highlands to show the current issues which may have been caused by its irresponsible visitors and how it affects the people dependent of these lands. AirAsia believes that while we have the leisure to hike numerous mountains due to our bountiful motherland, there's still room for us to be more mindful of the nature, wildlife and community aspects of the places we’re exploring. That HOW we choose to fly and travel will affect them positively and would assure an abundant life for the different forms of life it sustains. 'Share' this and help us spread the call for more responsible hikers! #AirAsiaPH #AirAsiainDavaoSpecial thanks to Patrick Martin for this adventure film and Department of Tourism – Davao for its support and assistance.

Posted by AirAsia on Friday, October 28, 2016

Cebu: Beneath Its Deep Waters

Diving hotspot Cebu is celebrated for its underwater life. Marine biologist Sam Craven, travelling brothers Carlos and Javi Cang, and fisherman Simplicio Pocong, Jr consider the future of wildlife preservation as they sail and dive the Philippine seas.

#HowIFly Cebu

As tourists, most (if not all the time), we only do care about what our eyes can see and our lenses can capture. But to the people and other creatures that live in the destinations we visit, it is their home and their day-to-day lives we intrude. In this first part of our #HowIFly series, we’ll take you beneath the deep waters which are always part of our itineraries when we go on vacations – beaches, islands and other bodies of water – given that our country is so much blessed with lots of it as an archipelago. AirAsia believes that while we all would want to be called as travelers, there is so much room for us to become responsible wanderers. Let this be a reminder to all of us to always be mindful of the nature, wildlife and community aspects of the places we’re visiting; that HOW we choose to fly and travel will affect them in the most positive way and that we are definitely sure that we will still be able to enjoy and sustain these tourist destinations for years and years to come. Special thanks to Patrick Martin for this adventure film, Green Fins and Bo Mancao. #AirAsiaPH #AirAsiainCebu

Posted by AirAsia on Friday, October 21, 2016


Go and have adventures. Be a local in foreign places. See different people. Explore other cultures. Know that there is beauty despite our differences.


Cherish the road and all the lessons it teaches. Open up to new experiences. Always say thank you. Never forget to look outside the window. The trip is long, but the view is always worth it.


Pay respect to every living thing you meet along the way. Don’t feed the animals, feed your soul. Don’t stop and pick a flower, plant a new one instead. Always remember that all life is precious.


Be the story people need to hear, and the action that people need to see. Don’t just be a tourist. Be a traveller. A responsible one, that is.

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