Last chance to see Mulyana's masterpieces in Central World, Bangkok
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Here’s Your Last Chance to Catch Eco-Artist Mulyana’s Art Exhibition in Central Embassy, Bangkok

Central Embassy in Bangkok together with famous Indonesian environmental artist Mulyana proudly present the eco-art exhibition ‘ANIMA MUNDI: Soul of the World’ – Mulyana’s first exhibition in Thailand and the largest scale to date.

In this exhibition, Mulyana brings his newly created masterpieces, including a massive 12-metre-long whale skeleton, made from discarded metal. The whale is one of the biggest mammals, but today it is threatened with extinction. The whale skeleton is a symbol of life and death in nature, to remind us that there are consequences to what we’re doing, and that we have a role to play in saving the planet.

The 12-metre whale skeleton
Mulyana putting the finishing touches to his masterpiece.

He also exhibits the five-metre-tall giant octopus called Mogus, which is the Mulyana’s alter-ego, The gigantic octopus is his signature piece, made of unused bulky yarn with colorful cotton filling. The exhibition also features four whales, 5,000 fish mobiles and a coral reef. All these masterpieces are brought to life from fabrics and yarns that were cast-off from factories.

Mulyana’s alter ego, the giant octopus Mogus.
Coral reefs

Hurry, this is your last chance to see Mulyana’s amazing art work in Bangkok before it ends on 1 September 2019.

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