How to Get to Boracay Island from Kalibo Airport

How to Get to Boracay from Kalibo – Easy Transfer to Island Paradise

Boracay had been shut-down for six months due to a much needed cleanup. Surely some families have had to reroute their vacations, some newlyweds had to postpone their honeymoon, and some organisations had to cancel their company trip, much to the management’s delight.

But have no fears, wipe them tears, as those six months are over! There is no better time to visit Boracay than now, as the island looks better than ever thanks to the much-needed environmental clean-up.

Flying into Kalibo International Airport as your jumping-off point to the island? You might be wondering how to get from Kalibo to Boracay. Don’t worry, we are here to help with this updated guide to Boracay from Kalibo after the reopening that will take you from the airport all the way to your hotel’s doorstep!

What to do Before Going to Boracay

Since the island’s reopening, it’s stricter than ever to enter Boracay. The local Department of Tourism (DOT) now requires all tourists to prove they have a confirmed reservation of an accommodation in the island. Your accommodation also has to be on the authority’s list of accredited accommodation establishments.

Check if your accommodation is on the list by visiting the Department of Tourism’s Facebook page here. Please bear in mind that this policy is strictly enforced. You wouldn’t want to come all the way to the only to be stranded in the jetty, Tom Hanks-style.

From Kalibo Airport to Caticlan Jetty

As you step out of Kalibo Airport, you will spot rows of stalls where tour operators offer various packages consisting of a bus/van ride to Caticlan Jetty and ferry to cross to Boracay

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Come and get your transfer package  outside the airport, ma’am and sir!

Heads up, it’s a two-hour ride to the jetty. So it’s time to catch up on your sleep, enjoy the scenery of the Aklan countryside along the way, or download Mad Max: Fury Road on your Netflix cause it’s the best movie ever!

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The land transfer to the Caticlan Jetty is the longest stretch of the transfer, so come prepared for the ride!

Duration: approximately 2 hours. Fare: from PHP200 by bus/van.

From Caticlan Jetty to Cagban Jetty

Unless they are using private jetties, most tourists have to go through Caticlan Jetty Port on the main island of Panay to take a ferry across the Tabon Strait to Cagban Jetty in the southern part of Boracay. Don’t forget that everyone coming to Boracay needs to pay the Terminal Fee (PHP 100) and Environmental Fee (PHP 75) at the counter just outside Caticlan Jetty, if the fee is not built into the package.

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Caticlan Jetty is the jump-off point from the main island of Aklan (where Kalibo is) to Boracay Island.

After you settle all the fees, head toward the Tourist Registration Desk and fill in your personal details. Remember your DOT-approved accommodation? Here you need to present your accommodation confirmation along with your ID for verification. Keep in mind the operation hours of the boats are from 5am to 10pm.

Unless you are a door-to-door transfer package, it’s your choice whether you want to take one of the ferries that depart frequently according to each operator’s schedule, or the bangka (motorised outrigger boat), which you can charter as a group.

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Crossing over to Boracay’s Cagban Jetty takes less than 10 minutes with one of these babies!

Duration: approximately 15 minutes by ferry, 10 minutes by bangka. Fare: PHP25-30 by public ferry, approximately PHP 100 by bangka.

From Boracay Jetty to Your Hotel

Welcome to Boracay Island! If you’ve been here before, you will notice the expansion of the jetty area and the new sidewalk, some of the ongoing upgrades on the island. Now all you have to do is find your way to your hotel. There are different modes of transportation including van if you’re traveling in big groups, or a tricycle if you want to scare away big groups.

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Hello, paradise! Time for fun in the sun!

It has been quite a journey, but it’s worth your time, we promise.

Duration: Up to 30 minutes. Fare: PHP50 (van arranged from Kalibo Airport), PHP100 (tricycle to stations 1, 2 and 3)

Smart Tip! Door-To-Door Transfer

It is advised to take the all-in, door-to-door transfer to avoid the hassle of long queues and irregular transits. Purchase an island transfer package and be taken care of from the moment you step out of Kalibo Airport, all the way to your hotel doorstep, Terminal and Environmental Fee included.

Sometimes the tour operators would have promotions as well, so it’s always good to compare. When you’ve made up your mind, proceed to one of the counters after collecting your baggage and they will take care of you from that point on. Easy peasy!

GETTING THERE: AirAsia flies from Cebu, Clark, Manila, Puerto Princesa and Tacloban to Kalibo. For flight info and lowest fares, visit

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