Convert your credit card points INSTANTLY with BIG Xchange!

Convert your credit card points INSTANTLY with BIG Xchange!

Long gone are the days when credit card points were just for your mum or auntie to redeem non-stick frying pans, now they’ve become more sophisticated – you can redeem flight tickets to a destination of your dreams.

But if you’re turned off by the boring process of calling the bank’s customer service line and filling up forms upon forms in order to convert your points, we get it. As a matter a fact, we’ve got the solution – it’s called BIG Xchange.

If you’re a Citi credit cardholder, then you’re in for a treat. BIG Xchange is a BIG Loyalty app feature that lets you convert your credit card points to BIG Points instantly and conveniently. Here’s how this seamless, one-platform experience works:

Get started by registering your Citi credit card on BIG Xchange to earn 200 BIG Points. Then go through with the conversion of your Citi Rewards Points or PremierMiles to enjoy a 50% bonus of BIG Points so you can redeem flights much faster! Better hurry though, this promotion will end on 31 December 2018.

Once you’ve got all the BIG Points, you can immediately satisfy your wanderlust by redeeming flights with Final Call Sale and Final Call Sale X promotions on the Loyalty app or enjoy a cash discount on your flight bookings when you pay with BIG Points on!

So save yourself from being put on hold or even going to the bank personally, just download the BIG Loyalty app and start converting your Citi credit card points with BIG Xchange now.

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