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Everyday Heroes

As we celebrate Labour Day on May 1, we shine the spotlight on unique and sometimes quirky professions around the world – some dangerous, and requiring grit, strength and endurance, others fuelled by passion, with skills honed over decades. 1. Master kite maker, Malaysia In the Malaysian state…

Quick Bites: Christmas Confections

From Australia to Philippines, Christmas is celebrated with cakes inspired by local traditions. It’s the time of year when fruit cake is everywhere! Fruit cake, however, is not the only star of the festive table, as many communities celebrate Christmas with unique confections of their own. Here are…

Travel Log: The Great Penida Escape

Words and Images: Teo Holland Teo Holland and her husband, Johnny, leave touristy Bali behind to immerse themselves in the beauty and serenity of a hidden gem – Nusa Penida. AirAsia delivered us once again to one of our favourite holiday destinations, Bali, Indonesia. But after a month,…

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