Kat D'Souza | Travel360.com - Part 2

"Kat D'Souza"

So, Why Do Some People Cry Easily on Planes?

It’s not just babies. We non-diaper-wearing adults (and maybe some who do, no judging) have a tendency to blubber more easily when on planes, too.  There’s a reason why people talk about the ‘Mile Cry Club’ these days. It doesn’t matter whether you’ve got a heart of stone,…

Where’s The Party At? These 4 Hotels In Asia!

Planning a short get-together with your girlfriends, or even a bachelor’s party? If you like the idea of a wild night out, no matter the occasion (or no occasion at all), but prefer to be comfortable while you’re at it, you’ve clicked the right article. After all, there’s…

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