8 Uniquely Malaysian Souvenirs to Take Home

8 Uniquely Malaysian Souvenirs to Take Home

Remember the last souvenir you received? Chances are, it’s hidden deep in your closet or collecting dust somewhere. The next time you’re souvenir hunting, forget fridge magnets, keychains, t-shirts and little trinkets that your friends won’t know what to do with.

Instead, here are just some unconventional souvenir ideas to bring back from Malaysia that your friends and family will surely love!

Batik fabric

Crafted with motifs of various patterns, flowers or leaves, the Malaysian Batik is a culturally unique gift you can use to create beautiful shirts, dresses or accessories.

Old Town White Coffee

Having perfected the art of brewing white coffee, Malaysia’s largest restaurant chain created its now famous instant coffee mixes in 1999 that can be enjoyed in the comfort of your own home. From classic to cane sugar, there’s definitely a perfect blend for you!

Hand-woven crafts

From purses to placemats, bring back home these unique (and lightweight!) hand-woven Malaysian gems crafted from coconut shells, bamboo, rattan and pandan leaves.

Durian products

Introduce your loved ones to the king of fruits! While you may not be able to bring back a whole durian, find an assortment of durian products in the form of biscuits, candies, pudding, chocolates and even coffee!

Songket fabric

Songket is fabric interwoven in silk, metallic and gold threads, producing breathtaking symmetric motifs. Gift it to crafty friends to create clothings, accessories and homeware.

BOH tea

Driven by love for English tea, BOH Plantations was founded in 1929 on the slopes of Cameron Highlands, and produces unique blends of flavoured teas such as black tea, passion fruit, and lime and ginger.

Pewter goods from Royal Selangor

Moulded from a mix of tin and other metals, pewter is carefully handcrafted into jewelry, tableware, wine accessories, collectibles and more.

Fresh seafood from Sabah

Affordable and fresh, Sabah is a haven for seafood lovers. While the gastronomic concoctions are best eaten on the spot, you can bring home the delights in frozen, dried or salted forms!

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