7D6N Itinerary of Stunning Yogyakarta and Bali

7D6N Itinerary of Stunning Yogyakarta and Bali

For a budget-friendly holiday, this 7D6N Jogja and Bali itinerary is best for groups of friends who can share accommodation and transportation expenses. For our group of five, we spent roughly IDR 590,000 (~MYR190) per person on ground/sea transport and entry fees. Cost breakdowns are listed below for reference. Hopefully this itinerary will help you plan your trip.

DAY 1: Lively Malioboro

We arrived in Jogja from Kuala Lumpur by mid-day. The first thing we did was to get to our homestay in Malioboro by train from the airport. Malioboro is a great base for travelers. It was alive at night as the streets were full of people selling clothes, souvenirs and also food. Even more interesting, it was full of street buskers who mostly sang their very own songs along the street.

Train fare (Maguwo station to Tugu station): IDR 8,000 per pax

DAY 2: Wonderful Gunung Merapi, Kalibiru, Gumuk Pasir & Parangtritis Beach

At 4am, we departed for Gunung Merapi to witness the sunrise. Our supir (driver) Mas Edi was already waiting for us by the gate with his white Avanza. Mas Edi does not have any Facebook or Instagram page so his business depends on the word of mouth among travellers. In my case, I was introduced to Mas Edi by a cousin of mine who praised his service.

As we started our journey to Gunung Merapi, the air was cold and the road was dark. We had a fun and bumpy ride on a jeep in order to get close to the volcano! It felt like riding a rollercoaster, except that you might knock your head a couple of times, but trust me it was worth it! The famous Merapi volcano looked so majestic that we couldn’t take our eyes off it and our supir had to persuade us to leave for the next destination.

Gunung Merapi_Jogja_Farra NFJ
The group at the foot of Gunung Merapi

Our next stop was Kalibiru National Park. If you have motion sickness, please take your pills or just sleep the whole way because Kalibiru is located on top of a hill and the road is winding. But once you reach the top, all the dizziness will fade away as you witness the breathtaking view and breathe the fresh air of Kalibiru.

You may choose from a variety of photo spots. We chose the furthest spot, simply because we assumed not many people will choose to walk that far. Also, there were five of us hence we needed a bigger space and Oval was one of the biggest spot. Our assumption was right and we had the luxury of taking multiple photos and even stayed for a while to enjoy the scenery as there was no one queuing up behind us.

We made it to the Oval at Kalibiru

Our next stop was Gumuk Pasir Parangkusumo and we laughed the whole time being there because we felt like the place was named after us (gumuk = gemuk = fat). It was not just the name that was entertaining but it was also the view which looked like Sahara desert, good for sandboarding.

Last group shot: Gumuk Pasir

Our next stop was of course Parangtritis Beach as it was just next to Gumuk Pasir. Swimming was not allowed because the waves were rather strong but the view was worth watching.

The powerful waves at Parangtritis Beach

Supir for two days, including car rental, parking & petrol: IDR 850,000
Jeep and driver in Merapi: IDR 450,000
Kalibiru entrance fee : IDR 5,000 Rp per pax

DAY 3: Panoramic Puncak Mangunan, Hutan Pinus & Pantai Timang

We started our morning by witnessing the beautiful sunrise at one of the most breathtaking views ever, Puncak Mangunan. Trust me, no camera can do justice to this view. It couldn’t be explained by mere words. You have to see it with your own eyes.

Dreamy view at Puncak Mangunan

Next was Hutan Pinus. It was somewhat like South Korea’s Nami Island, only that it seemed like an endless stream of pine trees.

The towering pines of Hutan Pinus

After Hutan Pinus, we went to what we believe is the most magnificent Pantai Timang.

The incredible Pantai Timang

I don’t know how to explain our joy of being in Pantai Timang because as you can see, there is absolutely nothing there but rocks. To get there you need to choose whether to ride the gondola or to cross the small bridge and of course I chose the gondola! Interesting fact: the gondola was pulled by men using their bare hands! No gloves at all!

The pleasure of just sitting by the edge of the rocks and just looking at the view was inexplicable. Pantai Timang was definitely a panoramic spot that you shouldn’t miss if you travel to Yogyakarta!

Hutan Pinus entrance fee: IDR 2,500 per pax
Pantai Timang gondola: IDR 200,000 per pax (return) or Pantai Timang bridge crossing: IDR 100,000 per pax

DAY 4: Bali, here we come!

We continued our Indonesia journey in Bali, the hot spot for beach enthusiasts like myself. We took a morning flight from from Yogyakarta to Bali. This time, we searched for our Bali supir on Instagram and found one offering his service at a reasonable price. Our supir Mas Nanang picked us up at the airport and sent us to our wonderful homestay in Ubud.

Supir (Airport to Ubud): IDR 200,000

DAY 5: The beauty within

The day started with a visit to the Tegallalang Rice Terrace in Ubud. It was definitely different to see paddy on a terrace structure compared to our Malaysian paddy fields.

The verdant rice terraces at Tegallalang

We went to the Cantik Coffee Plantation, also in Ubud, where we were served with various kinds of coffees and teas for free. The highlight was of course the luwak coffee, which was as good as what people have said. But my personal favourites are the coconut coffee and the Balinese coffee.

Coffee and tea sampling at Cantik Coffee Plantation

After finishing our cups, we continued to the Tegenungan waterfall and ended our day by going to a famous place to shop for souvenirs, Krishna, which offered items at local prices.

Swimmers at Tegunungan Waterfall

Tegunungan entrance fee: IDR 5,000 Rp per pax
Supir (12 hours): IDR 425,000

DAY 6: Nusa Penida, a hidden paradise

We took the first speedboat to Nusa Penida, a small island about 20 minutes away from the main island of Bali. By the time we reached Nusa Penida, we rented scooters and went off in search of the hidden beautiful spots on the island.

Our first spot was Kelingking Secret Point. Everything about it was picturesque—the blue ocean, the white sand, the waves! But to get there from the jetty took us about two hours especially because we had to ride along the bumpy roads and hills. To get to the beach, you have to go down the trails and not many people did it because of time limit in order to get back up.

It’s not Greece, it’s Kelingking Secret Point

The clock was ticking and we had to move to a few other locations before the sun goes down. Hence we went straight to Angel’s Billabong, my personal favourite spot in Nusa Penida!

Angel’s Billabong

It was like a natural endless pool as the water rushed inside and went down the ocean over and over again. Not many people dare to go down but we went against our fear by actually going down to the pool and it was worth it! When the strong wave came, we stood still and held the rocks tight in order to not getting pulled by the current. As the waves came more frequently and stronger than before, we decided to climb back up.

Our next stop was the Broken Beach. The view was beyond words. We wish we could find a trail to get down there but there wasn’t any that we knew of, hence we could only watch the majestic view from above.

Natural bridge at Broken Beach

Speedboat: IDR 320,000 per pax (return)
Scooter rental (one day): IDR 50,000

DAY 7: Goodbye, Indonesia!

Soon it was time to go home. We took one last ride around the area to get one last taste of the fresh, salty air of Nusa Penida and to embrace the view of the blue sea, a kind of blue that we may not find in other places. We flew back to Kuala Lumpur with hopes of embarking on this journey again.

Nusa Jetty_Bali_Farra NFJ
Nusa Penida Jetty

Supir (Jetty to Airport): IDR 150,000

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