6 Reasons Why Sukabumi Should be Your Next Weekend Getaway from Bandung

6 Reasons Why Sukabumi Should be Your Next Weekend Getaway from Bandung

Factory outlets. Tangkuban Parahu Volcano. White Crater. Most visitors to Bandung are already familiar with these attractions. Yet, there’s so much more to discover when it comes to the province of West Java, of which Bandung is the capital. The locals of Bandung are spoilt for choice when it comes to weekend getaways. One popular destination is Sukabumi, a district where the nature is breath-taking and heritage well kept.


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The southern part of the district faces the Indian Ocean that creates consistent swell, making it a popular pilgrimage destination for world surfers. Among the most popular beaches are Cimaja, Ujunggenteng, Suwarna, Karanghaji, and Loji.


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Surfers from far and wide catch the low tide barrels of Cimaja, otherwise a sleepy fishermen’s village.

Ujunggenteng with its golden sandy beach and clear water is supported by WWF as the largest turtle conservation area in Southeast Asia and one of the largest in the world.


With stable water volume and lush panorama along the rivers, whitewater rafting in Sukabumi is an activity that can be done in both dry and rainy season and caters to both beginners and seasoned adrenaline junkies.


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Located within the gorgeous Gunung Halimun National Park, Citarik is an established rafting location where you can find plenty of outbound activities.


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Cicatih River is wider and deeper compared to Citarik, with stronger current on rainy season reserved for more experienced rafters.


The topography of Northern and Central Sukabumi is mountainous, making it a haven for waterfall bagging. Some of the popular waterfalls in Sukabumi are Curug Cikaso, Curug Cikanteh, Curug Sawer, Curug Cigangsa, and Curug Piit.


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The actual name of this waterfall is Curug Luhur, but most people are more familiar with the name Curug Cikaso, taken from the name of the river that feeds it. You need to do a bit of trekking to reach this waterfall as there is no road access.


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Although most people know it by the name Curug Cikanteh, there are actually three names for this three-tiered waterfall. The closest one to the pool is Curug Sodong, the middle one is Curug Ngelai, and the tallest one is Curug Cikanteh.


UNESCO-acclaimed Ciletuh Geopark is shaping up to be a world-class destination with attractions that range from beaches, waterfalls, rice fields, as well as beautiful treks.


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Panenjoan and Puncak Darma are a couple of viewpoints within the geopark where you can have a good look of Ciletuh Bay.


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Curug Awang (Lofty Waterfall) is one of the most popular waterfalls within Ciletuh Geopark. Other waterfalls include Curug Tengah and Curug Cimarinjung.


There’s nothing like sitting by the serene lakeside surrounded by mountains. There are several spots in Sukabumi where you can just do that.


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A lake at an altitude of 850 metres above sea level and situated at the foot of Mt Gede-Pangrango, Situ Gunung offers fresh pine-scented air and a perfect camping ground.

Situ Sukarame is a lake at the foot of Mt Salak, surrounded by undulating greenery of tea plantations.


Ciptagelar is a great example of ‘kasepuhan’ or a community who live according to the traditions of the Sundanese, the main ethnic group of West Java. The 300 households centre their activities on agriculture, with emphasis on sustainable farming techniques passed down from their ancestors.


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The best time to visit is when the hamlet hosts Seren Taun, an annual festival to thank Nyai Sanghyang Asri Pohaci, the rice goddess, for the bountiful harvest the villagers have received that year.


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How to get to Sukabumi: Leuwi Panjang Terminal, Bandung (3 hours by bus)  Sudirman Terminal, Sukabumi

GETTING THERE: AirAsia flies to Bandung from Kuala Lumpur. For flight info and lowest fares, visit www.airasia.com

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