5 Kitschy Cat-Crazy Spots in Kuching

5 Kitschy Cat-Crazy Spots in Kuching

1. The Great Cat of Kuching

The lone white cat at the Chinese gate on Jalan Padungan, across the fire station, was built in 1988 by the Kuching South City Council to mark Kuching’s elevation to cityhood status. The unofficial city mascot, created by local artist Yong Kee Yet, dresses up for every occasion, from Chinese New Year to Eid al-Fitr to the Kuching Marathon.

Great Cat Kuching CC BY 2.0 Adamina Kuching cat statues
This big inanimate kitty may change outfits, but the high five stance is unchanging. CC BY 2.0 Adamina

2. The Winsome Foursome

This column at the corner of Jalan Padungan and Jalan Chan Chin Ann has four smaller milky whites pausing with their paws up under hibiscus flowers and the Kuching South City Council seal.

Cat Column Kuching Kuching cat statues
Don’t miss these cats when you walk along Jalan Padungan.

3. Earning Their Spots

The most famous litter is this family with mum, dad and five kittens at the corner of Jalan Abell and Jalan Padungan. A magnet for tourists, it was installed by the Kuching North City Council.

cat family statues Kuching cat statues
You need to walk around the statues to see all seven cats!

4. Forever at Play

Further down the Waterfront, these charming sculptures are delightful in their garden cafe setting in front of the James Brooke Bistro & Café, named after the first White Rajah of Sarawak.

Kuching cat statue James Brooke CC BY SA 3.0 Anatroppolo Kuching cat statues
This puss is a hunter immortalised in bronze CC BY SA 3.0 Anatroppolo

5. Open Wide

The Cat Museum, founded at the Kuching North City Hall in 1993, has more cats than you can count. And you have to go through a giant cat’s mouth to see them. The current entrance is a more colourful (and safer) tabby cat than its previous iteration, which was a striped grey and had two fangs hanging down its upper jaw.

Cat Museum CC BY SA 3.0 Shoestring Kuching cat statues
No teeth were bared for this closeup CC BY SA 3.0 Shoestring

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