5 Holiday Destinations to Go Before School Break Rates Kick In

5 Holiday Destinations to Go Before School Break Rates Kick In

When it comes to travelling, there’s always a short window of low seasons to snap up tempting deals and lesser tourists anywhere you go for a more authentic experience. Here are a few quick getaways you may want to consider before the holiday chaos begins.


Enjoy one of the best road trip experiences in Australia’s Great Ocean Road. Be it by car or high-powered motorcycle, the 243-kilometre-long stretch along the country’s southeastern coast hugs the coastline, traverses rainforests, beaches and cliffs – breathtaking views at every corner. Built as the world’s biggest war memorial for soldiers who perished during WWI, the road between the Victorian cities of Torquay and Allansford provides access to popular landmarks including the Twelve Apostles limestone stack formations.

Bali and East Coast of Malaysia

These beach destinations experience wet season between November and March and many visitors tend to avoid travelling throughout the five months. So, hotel rates would plummet and traffic clears up as well. Although some island resorts are closed, not all activities are put to a stop as it does not rain all day. Less crowds mean you can steal some great time at the beach while the sun is out. Another highlight during this season is surfing activities including major competitions. Bali’s Padang Padang regularly hosts championships thanks to its long and consistent barrels while in Malaysia, surfers from around the world would flock a number of beaches, namely Tioman island, Cherating and Teluk Cempedak in Pahang; as well as Batu Burok in Terengganu.


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Although Sapporo is known for its Snow Festival between January and February, prices for ski resorts and nearby hotels can leave a hole in your wallet. So, why not visit during the less chilly Fall season between September and November? Other than the colourful show of red and yellow instead of just white, autumn in Sapporo is also known as the most ‘delicious’ season thanks to the bountiful Hokkaido-grown produce. This is when seasonal dishes like salmon are served in a number of food events around the city. This is also the perfect time to enjoy the hot springs and even wine tasting at the many wineries without having to dress in layers.

Hong Kong

The island is filled with mouth-watering food trails, colourful street arts, historic landmarks, beautiful nature escapes and exciting theme parks. But with it, comes massive crowds, especially the mind-numbing lines at the magical world of Disneyland. If you want to avoid all that chaos and enjoy the trip at your own pace, early November is the best time to be in Hong Kong where the weather is relatively dry.

Chiang Mai

Thailand’s ‘Rose of the North’ not only features misty mountains and an intricately beautiful old city, it is also a paradise for bargain hunters. Three or four-star hotel rates in early November are a lot cheaper compared to other destinations. The bustling night bazaars offer a plethora of delectable street food and pretty souvenirs at low prices. Those who want to explore more like a trip to the hills or sightseeing at various attractions, even bike rental fees are negotiable if you play nice.

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