5 Best Travel Gadgets to Make Christmas Shopping a Breeze

5 Best Travel Gadgets to Make Christmas Shopping a Breeze

Words & Images: Gadget Goods Asia

Make Christmas shopping easier with Gadget Goods Asia’s Christmas package that will deliver five unique travel and work gadgets at a discount. Each gadget will help your friends and family travel and work easier, from fitting more into luggage, keeping your luggage safe or keeping your items together and organised.

VAGO baggage compression device

The VAGO baggage compression device enables travellers to save up to 50% space in their bags and suitcases by compressing soft items placed in a vacuum bag, reducing the size of the bag, leaving space for extra clothing, gifts or other items and enabling you to buy more and pack more.

Always waiting till the last minute to pack or tired of never having enough space? With the VAGO baggage compression device, you will no longer need to worry about a lack of space. The small, lightweight, 70 milimetre-long device is the ultimate travel tool for anyone wanting to save luggage space without the hassle.

Side-by-Side: Power Packer

The Side-by-Side: Power Packer is a cable organiser in the form of a slim pack for all your cords, plugs and adaptors, allowing you to keep the accessories organised and easily accessible while on the go. The high-quality and durable compression panels come to the rescue as they carry bulky tech essentials by conforming to any shape while keeping everything compact, when travelling and space is limited.


The AirBolt is the world’s first Bluetooth-enabled smart travel lock that can be opened and closed via a smartphone, can be tracked through crowdsourced GPS network, will automatically alert the traveller if they accidentally leave their luggage, can share access among multiple users, and includes anti-theft controls among other features. The AirBolt comes in six colours: Monza Red, Amazon Green, Champagne, Cape Cod Grey, Persian Pink, Bondi Blue. If you are waiting for your flight or sitting in a café enjoying a coffee, and reading a book, and someone nabs your bag, AirBolt will set off an alarm on your phone – leaving you with peace of mind and security.

Monitormate: ProBASE HD USB Type-C Monitor Stand

The ProBASE USB Aluminum Monitor Stand is the perfect gift for your favourite colleague or entrepreneur friend that works from home. Sleek and minimalist, the stand securely holds your monitor and works as a laptop stand, and supports USB Type-C port as well as a 4K HDMI output and USB ports. Cables are kept out of sight, decluttering your workstation and allowing you to store your keyboard underneath. In addition to the sleek design, ProBASE lifts your display to optimal ergonomic heights.

Wexley city commuters’ backpack

The Wexley city commuters’ backpack is designed to combine a minimalist aesthetic with secure features and multiple compartments for quick access. Inspired by the energy and character of the big city, Wexley city commuters’ backpack is a functional, durable, high-quality bag that meet the demands of the city. The rucksack configuration includes two hidden side pockets, dedicated compartments for laptops and tablets, side compartments for bottles or umbrellas and external USB & Micro USB ports with built-in charging cable. Another safety feature is the RFID blocking pocket, which prevents your credit card details from being scanned and used for fraudulent activities.

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