10 Fascinating Sights You Won't Want to Miss in Can Tho, Vietnam

10 Fascinating Sights You Won’t Want to Miss in Can Tho, Vietnam

We’re sure you’ve seen or been to the more popular spots in Vietnam such as Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City and all that, but here’s a city you shouldn’t miss: Can Tho. Life here is easy and rustic, so you won’t run out of countryside adventures.

However, just to convince you of how pretty and simply charming this city in southern Vietnam’s Mekong Delta region is, just take a look at our curated list below, and see the types of beautiful yet interesting sights it has to offer:

1. Binh Thuy Ancient House

Known for its beautiful, French-style architecture built in 1807, the Binh Thuy Ancient House also plays host to a very sacred altar to the owners’ ancestors. Therefore, you are free to take photos outside the house and ONLY roam around on the inside, as photos are strictly prohibited within the sacred site.

By the way, if you’ve watched 1992 film The Lover or L’Amant, this house became one of the central locations and backdrops.

2.  The Bare Bridges at Con Son

It does look scary, but it is a fascinating sight to behold, or even experience how the locals cross bridges this part of town. It is an ancient way of crossing that has still survived until today, and despite modernisation in other parts of the world, the Vietnamese in Con Son find no problems in doing this daily.

Take the risk and don’t think too much about it, but just know that the crossing is just big enough for one foot a time so balance is key!

3. Floating Petrol Kiosks at Cai Rang

For most of us in the city, petrol kiosks are often ignored, and would not be considered unique and very much thought about unless our cars start signalling for us to fuel up.

But here at Cai Rang, where the floating market is, the petrol station floats in the middle of the river for boats to get some gas. Now this may be a common occurrence for the locals, but for the city slickers, this warrants taking out your phone to take a photo!

4. Cai Rang Floating Market

Here at Cai Rang, both tourists and locals hire smaller boats to shop and eat. Small boats will come and offer to taxi you around, while you look through what other boats have to offer.

In case you’re at a loss of what others are selling, just look towards the boat’s pole – it’s an indication as to what the vendors are selling (i.e a watermelon, a variety of fruits). Quite an ingenious way to get over language differences, if you ask us!

5. Catching Fish in Cot Cau Ditches

Here’s your chance to jump into a ditch and play with some mud – contrary to what your parents must have told you when you were little!

Get down and dirty and try to catch a snakehead fish in Cot Cau, and have fun while you’re at it!

6. Traditional Brick Kiln at Ben Tre

Long ago, the Vietnamese learned brick-making techniques from the French. Today, it’s still part of the local’s small-scale yet thriving economies, and the methods remain the same! The bricks are baked inside this large dome-shaped kiln, and everything is done by hand.

7. Hủ tiếu (rice noodle) Factory

During your tour or holiday around Can Tho, sights like this are easily spotted. Get up close and personal with the workers who manually produce rice noodles in mass volumes. Known as hủ tiếu in Vietnamese, Singaporeans and Malaysians may know it as kway teow, and kuai tiao in Thai.

8. Huynh Thuy Le Ancient House

Another noteworthy and Instagram-worthy spot is also an ancient house that goes by the name of Huynh Thuy Le. Serving as a reminder of Vietnam’s rich French colonial past, marvel at the ornate decor and architecture and take several photos for memories.

Despite it being known as the other location in which The Lover was shot, a guide would better explain parts of the house, for those who love history and architecture.

9. Sa Dec Flower Village

Walk through fields and fields of endless flowers at Sa Dec flower village, where they supply flowers to the entire country for prayers, decorations (yes, people still use fresh flowers for decorations here!). Plus, if you can, and have the time, be sure to pop by the strawberry farms!

10. Xeo Quyt Forest

Last but not least, hire a sampan and row through the 52-hectare vast swamps beneath a thick canopy of tall trees and vines. Enjoy the ride, but if you look hard enough, you can catch sight of the man-made former Viet Cong bunkers.

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